Our GCG team of marketing professionals have proven track record of helping brands increase sales and reach new customers. While many marketing firms are limited to either on-line or off-line marketing solutions, GCG is well-versed in both areas. We assist our clients by developing effective marketing tactics that improve awareness and increase sales. We’ve launched hundreds of websites, developed countless brands, promoted many businesses and helped a number of individuals become leaders in their industry. We’ve designed and implemented targeted campaigns that have effectively generated activity on websites, social media and drove foot traffic to business locations. Our GCG synergistic approach results in a powerful unified message that leads to more business. GCG will effectively reach your consumers and deliver a targeted message at every point-of-contact to increase awareness and motivate sales. One provider. Complete integration.


How do you get people to engage on social media? You begin with meaningful content and dedicated management. By managing your entire social media presence, we’re able to grow your brand and keep your customers coming back for more. We research and implement ideas that engage customers, create interaction and focus on growing your on-line community. Beyond writing posts, planning and designing graphics, GCG takes a unique approach to social media. We can create attractions, props, physical characters, sculptures, scenes or entire environments to attract your customers to take photos and share their experiences on-line. When your customers share their photos with their family and community of friends on social media, they are in fact promoting your business and increasing your reach at absolutely no cost. This unique GCG solution has proven to be extremely effective for all of our clients. Our results speak for themselves. We have the data to prove it. Who is managing your social media?

TRACKING DATA: Unlike most traditional media, social media actions are immediately traceable. This allows us the ability to track analytics data for all posts and social media ads. This information yields invaluable insight for our clients and helps them understand how to allocate marketing budgets intelligently.

GCG will influence customers to market your business for you on social media

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