Decorate, attract, motivate, display or inspire

GCG can bring a space or facility to life! From concept and design to manufacturing and installation, our talented design team has the experience to create an environment, transform a space or theme an entire facility. We’ll manufacture your pieces with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail and build them to last. We can work within your budget and we’ll manage the entire process. GCG strives to be the preferred resource for theme parks, water parks, golf courses, mini-golf courses, sports facilities, trade shows, venues, hotels, restaurants, entertainment destinations, architectural firms, corporate clients, retail and commercial sectors. What can GCG create for you?


How do you get people to engage on social media? Beyond writing posts, planning and designing graphics, GCG takes a unique approach to social media. We can create attractions, props, physical characters, sculptures, scenes or entire environments to attract your customers to take photos and share their experiences on-line. When your customers share their photos with their family and community of friends on social media, they are in fact promoting your business and increasing your reach at absolutely no cost. This unique GCG solution has proven to be extremely effective for all of our clients. Our results speak for themselves. We have the data to prove it. Who is managing your social media?

TRACKING DATA: Unlike most traditional media, social media actions are immediately traceable. This allows us the ability to track analytics data for all posts and social media ads. This information yields invaluable insight for our clients and helps them understand how to allocate marketing budgets intelligently.

GCG will influence customers to market your business for you on social media

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